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MP2 Link Product Summary

The MP2 Link creates a connection between Drawbase and the MP2 Professional series of applications, Access, SQL Server and Oracle, allowing the user to input and query information from MP2 while using Drawbase.

By using the MP2 Link, you can easily relate MP2's database information to the Drawbase CAD graphics.

Key Functions

MP2 Security Check:

MP2 Link will check to see if you have sufficient security rights to add Work Orders, Equipment, and Locations to MP2

Login Screen Offers Multiple User Levels!





Run MP2 Professional & Enterprise:

Run the MP2 Professional & Enterprise application from Drawbase.

Add/Update Equipment or Rooms:

Add object(s) and room(s) to MP2 as equipment and location(s) by selecting individual objects in Drawbase or by selecting all objects from a specific form.

Add Work Order:

Add a Work Order in MP2 by selecting  object(s) or room(s) in Drawbase. This function also has the ability to optionally attach a Drawbase drawing as a location bitmap of the area relating to the Work Order.

Send a Work Order to a Queue for further review and approval. Queued Work Orders can then be edited, deleted, or processed.

Find The Locations On The Graphics!

Work Order numbers are taken directly from the next work order number in MP2.  Drop down lists are extracted from MP2 for Work Order Type, Priority, and Originator.

Search functions can be applied by using any form attribute to uniquely identify and locate a specific piece of equipment or room.

Fill In The Work Order Fields In Drawbase!

Retrieve Work Order History:

Select an object or room in Drawbase and retrieve a history of the Work Orders pertaining to the selected object or room.  Additionally, this function allows the user to list all equipment/locations for a specific Work Order.  Spare parts can also be queried upon for a selected piece of equipment.

See A Graphic History!

Retrieve Last Work Order History:

This function retrieves the Work Order History of the last object selected with the Retrieve Work Order History function. 

Get Work Order:

Select a Work Order and allow Drawbase to locate the equipment and/or location(s) associated with the Work Order.  Spare parts queries can also be applied as described above.


MP2/Drawbase Fields


C         Site**
C         Location (Building)
C         Sub-location 1 (Floor)
C         Sub-location 2 (Room)
C         Department

Additional Equipment Fields*:

C         Equipment No.
C         Description
C         Serial No.
C         Model No
C         Manufacturer


Drawbase Equipment Form!

WO Fields* Extracted from MP2:

C                     Work Order No.
C                     Work Order Type***
C                     Priority***
C                     Originator***

Additional Work Order Fields*:

C         Task Description
C         Request Date
C                   Scheduled Start Date
C                   Status
*    Fields can be customized by the user.
**   Field will be available with MP2 6.0.
*** Field contains a drop down list.

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